That Bouquet is sooo you!

Brides, it is very important that you choose the right bouquet for you, and there are many factors to inform that decision. Your height, size, the style of your dress and your wedding colours are all key points to consider when picking the right bouquet for you. We're going to consider all these points below.

Your Height and Size

If you are of an average or petite height, and especially if you are a curvy petite bride, it is best to stick with a traditional, small round shaped bouquet. If you really wanted to have a different shape, only a subtle cascading bouquet would be recommended so that the bouquet does not look too disproportionate to you. If you happen to be tall then you can play around with size and shape a bit more and go for a more medium sized round bouquet, a flowing cascade or an elongated bouquet.

Bridal bouquet

The style of your dress

If your dress has a lot of detail in the bodice, you will want to show this off and so it is best to stick to a bouquet that is simple in design that does not detract too much from the attention of your dress. However if perhaps the lower part of your dress is where all the drama is, then you have greater liberty to have a bouquet that is more striking in shape, design or both.

Statement Bouquet Ideas

Wedding colours

Interestingly enough with most enquiries, brides approach us with details of the colour they want their bouquets to be, and with images of what they have seen and like. However we always ask for them to send through pictures of the bridal party dresses and suits, because it is often the case that with the full picture of what everything will look like, we can propose colour fusions that may have not even been considered. Of course if we are also providing the wedding decor, it works out even better because then we can ensure that the floral design is consistent.

Bridal Party Flowers and Colours

It is also important to consider the season when selecting flowers. Opting for seasonal flowers helps with cost. The season will also determine what flower variations and colours are generally available and it is always best to work with nature on this.

There is much to consider when choosing your bouquet but it certainly is an important consideration to make as your bouquet will be featured in all of your wedding day photos for years to come. We believe your flowers truly are "your essential wedding day accessory".

View some of our bouquet designs here!

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