Micro Weddings - The 'New Normal' - What a Mess. #WhatAboutWeddings

So at the moment the wedding industry is up in arms and Prime Minister Boris Johnson I'm afraid, is the reason.

The prime minister held a Downing Street press conference where he said that small receptions of up to 30 people could go ahead from the 1st of August.

However, not too long afterwards, the government back tracked on this statement following a small rise in corona-virus cases across the country. The last we heard, the measures would be reviewed again on the 15th of August.

"Wedding receptions of up to 30 people will not be permitted but ceremonies can continue to take place in line with Covid Secure guidelines," Mr Johnson said.

The frustration many people have is the lack of clear guidance to help us plan safe weddings. The impression is that there is almost a casual attitude towards weddings, as if they are not considered as anything more than unnecessary parties.


There are groups such as the wonderful people behind 'Love My Dress' who have risen up to lobby the government and fight our corner. Some members of Parliament have also delivered excellent speeches in support of the many engaged couples and wedding professionals whose lives have been hugely impacted by all of this.


Andy Slaughter rightly said in his address that the government are "missing the point" about weddings. He was able to raise that with current guidance being so vague, it offers no guidance at all. Edward Timpson also wonderfully articulated that a wedding celebration for many people is one of "life’s compass points". It is important to give mention to this because so seldom are weddings and special events being considered amidst all the discussions it seems.

The government's messaging has been very misleading and unclear, leaving many wedding industry professionals feeling undervalued and couples feeling messed around.

A wedding is a major financial investment that for many, presents not just a cost to the couple getting married but also to their family members and friends involved. One of the longer term implications of this mess is that couples are stalling because guidelines continue to give false hope during a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

For example we had a bride to be, who was keen to use our services, but anxious about making payments towards her booking in case of further potential changes ... yet again. Couples need and deserve a realistic roadmap for their wedding planning journey, and so do we as the wedding vendors.

Some people may be reading this and thinking, 'OK but surely people's health is what is most important.' Yes absolutely, we must prioritise the health and safety of our nation. However what does not make sense is that pubs are being deemed as safe, restaurants also and tourist attractions, and yet a socially distanced wedding breakfast of 30 people is not. Especially considering that in a wedding situation that small, it is a lot easier to control who is in attendance and with that number of guests, the guest list is probably going to be made up of family anyway!

To the many exasperated couples out there, we feel you, we see you and we stand with you. The popular Biblical saying that I always have to tell myself during difficult seasons of life, is what I would like to share with you ...'This too shall pass'. And when it does, we'll be right here.

You are welcome to get in touch whenever it is that you feel ready to. Xx

Photography by Gyan Gurung


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