For the LOVE of Culture

One of the beautiful privileges what we do affords us, is the window of opportunity to see practices and traditions from cultures all around the world.

Over the years we have had clients from so many different backgrounds. It is one of the perks of being London based designers as London is such a diverse city. We have had been involved in Arab weddings, Asian weddings, African weddings, Caribbean weddings and weddings from all over Europe such as Romania and more recently, Turkey.

To be specific, it was a Kurdish/Turkish wedding, hosting 1500 guests and it was indeed a glamorous and lavish affair!

There were so many symbolic meanings behind the rich cultural practices such as the maidenhood belt, a red ribbon tied around the bride’s waist to represent her virginity, the vast use of red (the colour of good luck and fortune) for the Mehndi pre-wedding celebration, the showering of money and gold as gifts and the endless dancing throughout the evening!

We still can't get over how stunning these pictures by Berfin Video London are. The couple look lovely, the bride absolutely gorgeous and our flowers...PRETTY perfect!

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