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I'm Afia, the 'AF' of 'Afmena Events'.

This all began 14 years ago when I got married very young at 18 with little to no money. (And no I wasn't pregnant). My friends and I managed to pull together a DIY wedding that impressed people enough to make me the go-to for everyone else in my circle, getting married or having an event for another 7 years later.

When I had my first son and went on maternity leave from my teaching profession 7 years ago, I decided to 'do this floral and decor thing properly', beyond for just friends and family. I registered the business in 2013 and now 3 children later, we're here...

I'm a scented candles loving, part time kind of vegan-ish, fabulous earrings always type of girl. When I'm not telling my children to 'shush' in the background so I can try and sound professional to you lovelies on the phone, I'm homeschooling them and that's definitely a conversation all by itself.

Training with celebrity florists Karen Tran and Paula Pryke, many features and publications including BRIDES magazine, a couple of Awards under our belt and Ian Wright as a client is not bad for the first 7 years of business! God did that.

Looking forward to what's next, it can only get better x


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